Design & Engineering

Whether you are looking for a complete turnkey solution or for Aquatic Developments to manage a component of works, we can provide the services and experienced team for the task.

Our expertise can satisfy the following project scope requirements:

  • Commercial Pool & Spa Design, Engineering & Construction
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • FINA© Compliance
  • Pool Interiors including  tiling and quartz renders
  • Concourse, tiling & finishes
  • Hydraulic, Filtration and Sanitation systems
  • Aquatic play equipment, splash zones, lazy rivers, and water slides
  • Commercial Water Features
  • Indoor and Outdoor Aquatic Structures


Experienced in all forms of swimming pool and surround construction techniques from box and pour, commonly referred to as double form, to pneumatically applied Shot-Crete, Aquatic Developments Australia have the capabilities to provide a wide variety of options and solutions to suit any project or site conditions. We can provide a full turnkey project or work with you to identify and accommodate specific project elements.

In conjunction with new construction projects, Aquatic Developments can also provide our services to commercial pool renovation projects. We can provide assessment, recommendations and provide all practical works to revitalise existing aquatic facilities and bring up to modern regulatory requirements.

The scope may include some of the following works elements:

  • Pool Interior Resurfacing
  • Moveable Booms
  • Balance tank Installations
  • Dive Bowl Infill
  • Waterproofing, Silicone Joint Repairs
  • Disabled Access Ramps Installation
  • Swimming Pool Floors Re-profiling
  • Pumps, Filtration and Sanitation Repair or Replacement
  • Pool Heating Systems; Geothermal, Solar, Gas, Electric Heat Pumps
  • Aquatic Management and Operational Systems

Commercial Aquatic Facility Accessories

Aquatic Developments can design and install quality, beneficial accessories and features for your project.

This may incorporate such suggestions as:

  • Lane Ropes and Reels
  • Starting blocks (Permanent and Removable)
  • Movable Booms
  • Halfway Markers
  • Backstroke Flags
  • Timing Systems
  • Diving Systems
  • Disabled Access Systems
  • Client Management Systems
  • Aquatic Play Features

Commercial Aquatic Facility Hydraulics & Filtration

Aquatic Developments Australia can provide solutions for all of you commercial pool filtration and hydraulic requirements.

The scope of works may include:

  • PWT Chemical dosing systems
  • PWT Filtration systems
  • PWT Circulation Pumps
  • Circulation Pipe relays
  • Plant Room Design & Installations
  • Wastewater Management Systems 
  • PWT UV system
  • Heating system
  • Building Management System (BMS) 
  • Cleaning systems

Service & Maintenance

Aquatic Developments can provide tailored options for ongoing service maintenance contracts.

This can include:

  • Water analysis and Reporting
  • Scheduled Service Appointments
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Plant operator training