Commercial Pool Renovations

swimming pool renovation at applecross high school

In conjunction with new construction projects, Aquatic Developments are specialists in commercial pool renovation projects.

We can provide assessment, recommendations and all practical works to revitalise existing aquatic facilities to modern regulatory requirements.

The scope may include some of the following works elements:

  • Pool Interior Resurfacing
  • Wet Deck Installations
  • Scum Gutter Removal and Conversion to Wet Deck System
  • Moveable Booms
  • Balance tank Installations
  • Dive Bowl Infill
  • Waterproofing, Silicone Joint Repairs
  • Disabled Access Ramps Installation
  • Swimming Pool Floors Re-profiling
  • Pumps, Filtration and Sanitation Repair or Replacement
  • Pool Heating Systems; Geothermal, Solar, Gas, Electric Heat Pumps
  • Aquatic Management and Operational Systems
  • Splash Pads and Water Playgrounds
  • Water Features